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Guys 4 Girl Gamers

FAQ List

Aren't you a hypocrite, starting this movement but talking about scantily-clad gamer babes in your news and forum?

I don't believe so. I'm a fairly normal heterosexual male who finds females, and the female body, in its myriad forms, very attractive. There are tons of images of scantily clad (or naked, or otherwise) women in the world, and women not only pose for them, but women take the photographs of them, some women even publish them. Why should it be any different, or bad in any fashion, to desire images of scantily clad women who share some of the same passions and interests I do? Some people may take issue with the term "babe." To this, all I can say is that if you hear/read the term "babe" from me, it is complimentary, and is not intended to be derogatory in any way. If you wish to take offense at it anyway, such is your choice, and I won't really give a damn if you do.

Further, if it would help the situation any (to apply the aims for equality here) I would post images of myself gaming in my underwear, if I honestly believed for a minute that any of you would really wish to see that. I don't believe so, and it would take a fair bit of convincing to make be believe it.

Aren't you a hypocrite, since you're a writer for that sexist llama-porn referencing site, 3DGN?

Again, I don't think so. Yes, some of the humor on 3DGN is crude. I don't necessarily approve of all of it myself. I do laugh at a good bit of it. I even did the write-up for the "Invasion of the Boobie Prizes" contest run at 3DGN. You will find, however, that nothing I have written for 3DGN, and I suspect anything any of 3DGN's writers have written for the site, are in any way negative towards female gamers. While I haven't directly asked all of the 3DGN staff individually, I feel pretty confident that they would be quite happy with the prospect of more female gamers in the world.

Aren't you just sell-out, and are really doing all this for the hits?

Nope. Quite simply, I really don't care about the hits this web site gets. I run yggdrasil.net as a hobby, and I don't get any particular benefit from getting more hits on the site. I do not run any ad banners, and will not unless absolutely necessary to pay for the hosting of the site, which would only happen if the site starts getting quite a lot of hits indeed. If yggdrasil.net gets a lot of hits for this movement, then good, I'm happy for it, because it means the idea is spreading and hopefully doing some good. If it doesn't get that many hits, oh well, I'll still continue to do pretty much the same thing anyway.

Got something to say about G4GG, this FAQ and its answers, or a question you think should be answered in this FAQ? E-mail me at zoas@yggdrasil.net.

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