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Guys 4 Girl Gamers

Messages of Support

Some e-mails I've received in support of Guys 4 Girl Gamers:

Jonathan Yi writes:

Hey there. Just thought I'd share my personal experience with Girl Gamers and submit my support.

I'm a high school student, and for the past month or so, I've been "courting" this girl. We've talked on the phone about our hobbies and such, and one thing that surprised me is that she doesn't play video games, but her brother does. So the next day, I brought my color game boy and Pokemon game to school, kind of a entry gate for her to start playing games. Well, it worked. Soon after collecting over 60 Pokemon, she borrowed my Zelda 64 and proceeded to beat it without the use of a hint book or faq. Soon, she got into StarCraft, and we play a lot of 2v2's on b.net or connect via modem and play some comps.

What has this taught me?

From my own experience, girls tend to be more social. If girls don't get started in video games when they're young, its implausible for them to get started when they're teenagers and adults. Even while she was playing Pokemon and Zelda, both single player games, she would have me talk to her while she was playing via phone or visit her house and stuff. My point? Video games need to have some sort of social interaction value. If you're going to try and get a girl into video games, start with games that aren't too serious, like FF7 or Metal Gear Solid. Instead, start with games that the point is to have fun. Examples: Pokemon, Bust-A-Groove, Parappa the Rapper, Super Puzzle Fighter, and Super Mario 64. Or you can have a date smashing the Spice Girls game.

Its not just girl gamers either. Guys getting into games first need to find games that are fun, then go into the "hardcore" stuff.

Bartolo writes:

Count me as a supporter. Female gamers are the same as any male gamers. It just so HAPPENS that they're... well, females. We all have the same passion for things, gaming included. And it would be really cool to interact, often, and come to understand more the female psyche, read: attitude and thinking of and towards gaming.

It's the logical conclusion anyway. Good luck. :>>

JunkieXL33 writes:

In response to your Guys for Girl Gamers ideaa, I for one am behind you 100%. My best friend happens to be a girl that I met at some party and after talking for a few minutes, we realized that we both LOVED videogames and after that, well, we're rarely seen apart. she often scoffs at the idea that girls only like certain games because they're cute or because they star female characters (although she just as often gets real pissed when I point out to her that those are the games that usually likes). However, I've never met another girl who could hold her own in Street Fighter or that actually doesn't mind watching me play games (she says it's fun watching me because I'm real good). I only wish there were more girls out there for everyone to enjoy such a relationship. I hope more people catch on real soon. E-mail me back if you need anything.

Xianthius writes:

I think guys should give way more respect to females in gaming. Cause all guys (smart guys) know that they are smarter than us, and more cordinated than us. Thus there gaming skills should be top notch. I always treat the female player as the elite, and with the same respect as the other gaming gods. If you do happen to beat a female player, take it as a great compliment, cause this is a rare event.

Got something to say about G4GG? E-mail me at zoas@yggdrasil.net.

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